The Community Responders Equipment is made up of four parts.

A Response Bag (Rucksack) full of Medical supplies, an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), a Mobile Phone, and High Visibility Jacket.

Picture of our External Automated Defibrillator - Power Heart G3Our Defibrillator is probably the most important and most expensive part of our kit.

Costing around £1600.00 its not a cheap bit of kit.

The Power Heart G3 made by Cardiac Science is an automated defibrillator that talks to the operator via both voice and a visual button when in use.

The automated defibrillator makes the decisions for you and will not let the operator shock a patient unnecessarily. There is NO option to override the Defib.

A great piece of kit that can save lives and one that we need more of.

The Ambulance Service carries an adaptor on all ambulances that connects to the defib pads. This allows them to use it’s own defibrillators without the need to change pads saving valuable time.

Community Responders Kit BagOur Response Kit is packed full of Medical Supplies and Equipment that we use when treating patients.

As our primary role is to treat patients with life threatening conditions such as Cardiac Arrest, Heart attack, Breathing difficulties, Epilepsy and much more, our Response Kit reflects this and so we only carry the Equipment we need to do deal with these kind of medical conditions.

Oxygen is carried within the kit bag in the form of a Oxygen Cylinder. As most of us know Oxygen is the major gas within the atmosphere we inhale when breathing in, about 21% when inhaling so when someone is struggling to breath, giving the patient up to 100% Oxygen via a face mask can be life saving. Oxygen can aid recovery from the very minute a responder or ambulance crew arrive on scene, so it is vital we carry this equipment.

As well as Oxygen and Face masks, we carry various sizes of oro-pharyngeal (OP) airways. These airways are used to help maintain a clear airway on the unconscious casualty.

Suction is also carried as part of our kit. Suction is used to help keep bodily fluids clear of the airway.

Part of our life saving response kit is a Bag and Mask. A Bag and Mask is designed for the purpose of assisting a patient with breathing, whether it be Cardiac Arrest or a patient that isn’t breathing enough for themselves. By hooking the bag and mask up to a Oxygen supply we can give our patients 100% Oxygen whilst breathing for them.

Other various items are carried within the kit bag. First aid items are carried such as Bandages, Scissors, a blanket, latex gloves, hand wash, safety goggles are all in the bag.

Of course we have our mobile phone, high visibility jacket and ID badges to wear as well. This helps identify community responders from the public when on scene.